Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Men On Edge Goes Live

Men On Edge is finally live. This is the hot new site from Kink.com featuring bound guys brought to the brink of cumming and then being denied. Kink mastermind, Van Darkholme, has taken his evil genius to new levels. These boys are put through some painful BDSM and brutal rope play. They're tortured with toys and dominated. He's found some new and unused studs and straight guys to do this to. He teases their cocks until their full and bursting to explode. They've already shot videos with Marc Dylan, Jessie Colter, Gavin Waters, Alex Andrews, and sexy newcomer Drake Wild. This site looks hot!

Check out the photos and the trailer, then go to Men On Edge to read more about the crazy things Van has dreamed up. If you sign up, you'll also get a membership to Butt Machine Boys, which will be back with new videos.

Big-dicked Fabio Stallone
Fabio Stallone tied up and suspended.

Fabio Stallone being edged.

Gavin Waters being tied up.

Gavin Waters edged.

Gavin Waters bound and gagged.

Jessie Colter bound and gagged.

Jessie Colter blindfolded and gagged.

Jessie Colter suspended from the ceiling.

Marc Dylan tied up spread-eagle.

Marc Dylan bound and blindfolded.

Marc Dylan suspended on Men on Edge.

What are you waiting for? Check out Men On Edge!


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