Thursday, May 2, 2013

Super Stud Strapped Down and Stroked

Sebastian Keys and Van Darkholme Abduct Connor Maguire

Superboy Connor Maguire is held captive and jerked off on Men on Edge.

Since Kind Man and the Moral Keeper have been abducted and converted to the world of kink, Connor Maguire a.k.a. the Kink Killer is one of the few remaining superheroes of the K-League. The Evil Edgemaster and his henchman No Mercy wait in the alleyway while Connor is alone at the bar. After Connor stumbles out to take a piss, the evil doers beat him down to the ground and take him back to their secret lair. To their surprise, Connor was planning to be captured and he quickly turns into the Kink Killer.

Quickly the alarm is raised and the Edgemaster's secret weapon, the Orgazmatron, is started up as the beam of arousal subdues the Kink Killer. Connor's hands are chained above his head as his cock is teased and edged. Connor endures the Orgazmatron one last time, nearly spraying his superhero cum load everywhere, but his torment is far from over.  Edgemaster plays with his cock as No Mercy eats his hairy hole. The Kink Killer is denied of cumming till he finally submits, and changes his name to Kink Man like the rest of his superhero friends. After blowing his superhero cum all over No Mercy's face, the defeated Kink Man endures post-orgasmic torment.

See Connor Maguire put through his paces and tortured on Men On Edge.


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