Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Cabin - Part One

People are talking about the new psychological thriller film being released by Bound Gods. Van Darkholme forgoes the leather, violet wands, and clothes pins to tell "a story of lust and betrayal." There's still plenty of BDSM in it - bondage, control, forced sex, gags, etc. Ricky Sinz, Logan Vaughn, Morgan Black, and Tyler Alexander are very hot and it's put together very well.

Morgan Black and Tyler Alexander arrive at the cabin together. They have some business to attend to after the death of Tyler's father and Morgan's best friend. It's a hot daddy/boy pairing, with Morgan lusting after the young stud. They're unaware that there's a sex-crazed maniac lurking around in the woods. That would be Ricky Sinz. Poor Logan Vaughn becomes his first victim.

If you've every watched any Friday the 13th movies, you know it's a bad idea to be alone in the woods. Logan is sitting outside of his camper relaxing, when Ricky grabs him from behind and ties him down. He throws the straight, blond hunk into the trailer and the abuse begins. Ricky, in his camouflage pants and mask, forces his cock down the his victims throat. He likes it when they struggle! We all do. That's where the fun lies.

Ricky, always the verbal, dominant stud, tells his bitch to take it like a man, as he thrusts his cock deep into his victim.  Poor Logan is scared and helpless against the violation of his anus. He's forced to take his assailants cock or risk death. He has no choice. He's not the one in charge. He cries out in pain due to Ricky's massive meat. His once virgin ass is no longer that. It's just a toy for a powerful man. He suffers through the abuse until Ricky finally dumps his load, then orders Logan to lick it clean. Eat that cum, boy! Taste the power of a real man!

Meanwhile, back at the cabin. Tyler relaxes under a warm shower. He cleans his body and rubs his cock. He doesn't realize that he's being watched under the lustful eye of Morgan. Tyler washes off his body and his ass is in full view for the daddy stud. Tyler's cock grows and he starts to stroke it, getting Morgan very turned on. When he finishes, he goes to his room, never having seen Morgan.

Tyler lays naked in his bed when Morgan appears in the doorway. Tyler knows why Morgan brought him to the woods to be alone. He can feel the intensity and passion coming from his dad's hot friend. He's been waiting for Morgan to make his move. Morgan drops his towel, his cock raging hard. Tyler throws off the covers to welcome him into his bed. The bearded father-figure slowly crawls over the boy. Their naked bodies press together as Morgan kisses Tyler's neck. The look on his face shows how much he really enjoys the way Morgan's lips feel against his young flesh. Morgan grinds his body harder into Tyler; their cocks rubbing against each other. Morgan has been dreaming of this for a long time - dreaming to be in bed with his best friend's son, dreaming to feel his hard naked body under him, dreaming to be the first one to feel his tight hole open. Dreaming.

The voyeur soon becomes the voyee. Ricky Sinz lurks outside, having spotted some new friends to play with. He grabs his hardening cock. He's excited and can't wait for the morning. Check out this hot film The Cabin on Bound Gods.

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