Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hot Cum Control Game To Play With Your Sub

I'm not sure if anyone has ever done this game before, but I got the idea based off of a dice game I heard about. It involves a deck of cards and the luck of the draw. You won't need anything fancy.

New Dom Adam Herst Uses Sebastian Keys on Bound Gods

Adam Herst is a hot, new leather dom on Bound Gods. To welcome him, they send sub boy Sebastian Keys in to lick his boots and all the way up his chaps until he reaches Master Adam's crotch. Adam isn't too impressed at first, but tries the slut out anyway. He inspects Sebastian's ass and spanks him with a riding crop. Sir Adam continues the test by tying Sebastian up and applying butterfly clamps. He gets the boy hard and makes him beg for a flogging. Then the hunky leather daddy stuffs his cock in all of the boys whore holes while he's suspended in mid-air. Then again back on the ground until the both shoot out their loads. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Underwear Thief Caught - Bound In Public

No body likes a thief - especially when that asshole steals their underwear! When the guys at the laundromat catch Mitch Vaughn stealing their manties, they decide to teach him a lesson. They grab him and strip him down. They put a dirty pair of briefs over his face so he can get a good whiff of their ass. He's forced to suck their cocks and rim all their asses as they line up. He's bound and humiliated. They toss him in a laundry cart where they take turns pounding his ass and shoving their cocks down his throat. Tristan Jaxx is among the studs there and fucks Mitch with his huge cock, up against the glass door where anyone could see. Mitch blows his load and is forced to lick it up. That's how they do it on Bound In Public.

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