Tuesday, May 24, 2011


From BOYNAPPED, Leo James is bound to the floor with his ass in the air, and Kieron Knight takes advantage of his position and spanks him until his cheeks are bright red. Next in the onslaught of anal abuse is a bit of toy play to loosen him up. Finally Kieron Knight fucks Leo and shoots his load over his shoulder.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hot House - Nasty, Scene 2

Nasty, Scene 2 Starring Ian Jay and Jaxon from HOT HOUSE - CLUB INFERNO.

Ian Jay and Jaxon prove to be two of the nastiest guys in town! Ian hangs from a sling while Jaxon works his hole with a big dildo. He shoves the thick toy in deep, encouraged by Ian's moans to grab an even bigger one. When Ian's hole swallows the enormous faux cock Jaxon knows it's time to grease up his fists. Jaxon buries his paws in Ian's ass and jacks off, smacking his rock-hard cock against Ian's puckered hole until he grunts and shoots into his own slimy glove.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



It was a weekend I would never forget. The weekend Master would put me in my place and show his complete dominance and ownership over me. It would be the weekend I would be a total slave, feel totally worthless, and be totally turned on. We had talked about it on a few occasions, it was a fantasy of mine, but one I was too afraid to ever try. Would the reality of it be too much for me to handle? Would I be turned off and repulsed by it? Could I give up that much control? See before this weekend it was more of a Sir/boy thing. I was completely submissive in the bedroom, but fairly equal outside of it with our normal day-to-day lives. He was more than Master, he was daddy, lover, and boyfriend. This weekend was the chance to bring about a new dimension to our relationship. This was the weekend that I agreed to be his total slave. I would do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING He commanded with no question – both inside the bedroom AND outside. I would have no choice or risk severe punishment. This weekend, what I had no choice in becoming was his whore.

Spencer Reed as Sir

We pulled up to the clothing optional resort that evening around 8. It was early enough in the year that it was so dark at that time you couldn’t tell if it was 8 o’clock or 10. The car stopped moving, but my body couldn’t stop shaking. “You ready, boy?” he asked, the dominance in his voice already started the blood flowing down there. This was it. The moment I stepped out of the car was when it was all going to take full effect. Sure, the whole drive there I wore my leather collar, harness, and boots, but I didn’t have to do anything. Nobody saw me get into the car in the garage at our home in LA, but some people on the streets and highway did notice. I felt humiliated, ashamed, and aroused. Especially when Sir told me what a good boy I was on the drive if people said anything. However, this was going to be different.  I had to walk into a resort full of naked and horny gay men and everyone would know I was a slave.

I finally decided fuck it all and be proud of my slave status. I was with a hot fucking Sir and was proud to be his bitch boy. I nodded my head, I was ready. A wicked smile crossed his lips. “That’s a good boy,” he said and patted my head. “Now get the fuck out of the car!”

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