Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Lurker - Bound Gods

Brian Bonds and DJ are two straight friends, hanging out and watching some porn together. They're waiting for two hot chicks to come over after work so they can all hook up. Someone has other plans, however. Van Darkholme, the BOUND GODS mastermind, is lurking in the shadows outside, watching them and waiting. It's the ultimate horror movie nightmare, when Van cuts off the electricity and the boys separate to investigate what's lurking outside. Watch out, Brian!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maskurbate - Deboxer On Top

Manuel Deboxer, the big bottom of MASKURBATE, gets to top for the first time and the lucky recipient of his hot cock is straight guy Max. After a heated game of spin the bottle, they get naked. Luckily that bottle landed in just the right spot, and Max has to take Manuel's big dick as his first ever. It hurt like hell, but Max still wants to do it again. Manuel also directed this scene and opted to ditch the mask, which I don't get and it sucks since that's what the site is known for, but it's a hot scene nonetheless and this time Deboxer ended up on top. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fetish Force - Opening Preston Steel's Ass

New from FETISH FORCE -Tony Buff and Chris Yosef find themselves in the wet room yet again with Preston Steel.  They just can't get enough of his ass! This time they are intent on opening up Steel's tight hole. Preston worships Chris's cock as Tony works the boy's ass open with his tongue. Tony takes a break to let a stream of piss flow on his two bitches before diving  back into that hot ass. Tony slides a finger into Preston, making him moan out loud. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fisting Central - Erik and Trent

Erik Rhodes is a beast - an animal - down on his haunches, down on his knees, just oozing sexuality. This beast can get piggy too, and Trent Bloom is anxious to get to work. He buries his snout between Erik's huge mounds and coats his hands with lube and warms Erik's hot hole with his thick fingers before shoving his entire clenched mitt in. Trent punchfucks Erik's mussy repeatedly, and it soon turns inside out, giving his a hot view of Erik's huge rosebud. The big man coos and moans, jacking himself off excitedly until his cum seeps out - a yummy reward for Trent to suck up at FISTING CENTRAL.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boynapped - Pin Wheels, Pegs, & Sticky Cum

Poor young Justin James has been BOYNAPPED by Sebastian Kane. Justin is tied down, but is he ready for the onslaught to start? Daddy Sebastian starts by teasing the twink's body and cock with a pin wheel. Sebastian soon moves on to more drastic methods, covering Justin's body in tight black pegs before bringing him to climax.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Straight Men In Trouble - The Trooper

At STRAIGHT MEN IN TROUBLE, this sexy trooper was kidnapped and now finds himself bound to a stool, his ass in the air, almost naked, struggling to free himself when the masked man returns.  He rips away the remnants of the uniform until the trooper's muscular butt covered in the thin white cloth of his tight, white briefs is exposed.  Then he begins a humiliating and painful spanking, first by hand, then with a leather paddle and whip as the cop cries out, writhing in pain and shame, at the mercy of this demented man.

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Butch Dixon - Harley and Justin

Harley Everett is the current reigning king of porn at BUTCH DIXON and UK NAKED MEN. This massive guy's a phenomenon, never failing to turn in an eye-popping performance. His big-headed cock shoots legendary loads and guys are lining up to work with him. Justin King is quickly making a name for himself. He is a perfectly-toned personal trainer with a naturally furry body and a full beard, he can ride a cock for hours, using his muscular bubble-butt to milk it dry, so this pairing was a must-have for members. Aren't they the lucky ones? Watch these two real men suck and fuck in harnesses and jocks. There's nothing like butch men!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boys Pissing - Ryan and Jase

If you like young boys and golden showers, then you need to check out BOYS PISSING. In this latest scene, horse hung Ryan Conners jumps in the shower with Jase Bionx in just their shirts. Both boys start to piss all over each other's cocks, balls and shirts! Next, these two start swapping blowjobs, hose each other down some more and then Ryan dives in to eat Jase's piss soaked ass! In the end Ryan shoots his load right onto Jase's hard cock and then pisses his jizz off!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Naked Kombat - Alessio Romero vs Race Cooper, The Friends Match

At NAKED KOMBAT, furry, Latin hunk, Alessio Romero, and the ripped, ebony, muscle god - Race Cooper are best buds in real life. So what happens when you throw them both on the mat and make them wrestle? Will they take it easy on each other or will they remember what's at stake and bring on their "A" game? Well what happens is more than anyone could have expected. These studs tear each other up and don't let up for a minute. The "oil round" is a thing of beauty as Race's beautifully muscled brown skin and Alessio's dark fur glisten while they struggle to hold on to each other. And if you think the wrestling is aggressive, wait until you see the crazy-hot sex round! These two muscle buds fuck with a brutal vengeance.

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Bound Gods - Boy's Quest to Find A Master

At BOUND GODS, Kyle Quinn is hooked after a bondage workout with Josh West, so he visits local dom Phenix Saint at his playroom. Kyle is seeking a master but Phenix isn't so sure. The boy is new and he's lousy at following instructions. Phenix makes the boy worship him from head to toe. Kyle moans as he digs his tongue into the hot dom's hairy armpit. Kyle endures electricity up his ass, painful suspension and a hard bondage fuck. Check out the pix and trailer after the jump.

Check out all the pix and the trailer after the jump.

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