Saturday, October 1, 2011

Naked Kombat - Alessio Romero vs Race Cooper, The Friends Match

At NAKED KOMBAT, furry, Latin hunk, Alessio Romero, and the ripped, ebony, muscle god - Race Cooper are best buds in real life. So what happens when you throw them both on the mat and make them wrestle? Will they take it easy on each other or will they remember what's at stake and bring on their "A" game? Well what happens is more than anyone could have expected. These studs tear each other up and don't let up for a minute. The "oil round" is a thing of beauty as Race's beautifully muscled brown skin and Alessio's dark fur glisten while they struggle to hold on to each other. And if you think the wrestling is aggressive, wait until you see the crazy-hot sex round! These two muscle buds fuck with a brutal vengeance.

Check out all the pix and the trailer after the jump.

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