Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Boy Bound and Fucked in Public

This week on Bound In Public, it's time to haze the new boy. And what better way than to tie him up and gang bang him while everyone watches? He's stripped down and totally humiliated in front of strangers, and plugged at both ends. He's not sorry he showed up today. He's a total sub bitch, who loves it.

Sebastian Keys, Tristan Jaxx, Michael Sade, Will Jasper, Colby Jansen, and Tyler Alexander are bored boys looking for trouble. When Tony Hunter brings his friend  Dakota Wolfe around, they get an idea. Convinced to play a game, Dakota conveniently ends up with the shortest stick. That means he gets to be their bitch. He tries to protest, but the fit, dominant men grab him and tie him up. They tear off his clothes, taunt him, and Colby Jansen spanks him and someone else stretches his cock. It's a clothed male, nude male scenario. He's forced to service Michael Sade and Tyler Alexander as Sebastian Keys starts licking his hole. 

He's forced to service all their cocks - that's what he's there for now, to be their little cock whore slut. He gags on cock after cock, then they start fucking his ass. His good friend Tony has been waiting to tear Dakota's ass apart for a long time. Now Dakota can't do anything about it, but take it - tied up and fucked hard by his best friend and the other guys Tony is letting use him. 

Dakota is then walked around on a rope leash so other guys can spit on him. Colby then flogs him for a little bit before getting both holes and hands filled with cock. He's forced to thank them, call them Sir, and realize his place amongst men - to be their slave. They take him by the hair and force him to bob on multiple cocks until the men have finally had enough. 

Dakota is told that he's their little cum dump. He's worn out and gave up the fight a long time ago. He knows he can't say no and will have to take their loads. The clothed men cream the naked boys face. He's drained and thankful his torment is over...for now. The fun never stops at Bound In Public.

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