Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cute Camper Kidnapped and Edged

Being alone in the woods for a hike on a beautiful day is just asking for someone to make you their prey. Poor Logan Vaughn has no idea that someone is tracking him, watching his every move, ready to pounce at just the right time. And that's exactly what Van Darkholme is doing in this scene from Men On Edge!

Logan is grabbed and then finds himself tied spread eagle in the great outdoors. His mouth is gagged and his eyes covered with a blindfold. He wonders what's going on, who's doing this to him, and why? The mystery man cuts off his underwear, leaving him fully exposed and vulnerable. Van begins to stroke Logan's cock. At least his captor is going to let him get off, or so he thinks! It's the last thing he's going to be able to do. His cock is tied up and a vibrator massages the head. Logan is so close to coming, but denied over and over. 

Logan is then tied up horizontally, suspended from trees. This time his ass is given some attention as well as his cock. The straight victim is forced to take fingers and other toys deep into his hole. All off that pleasure just makes him want to reach orgasm all the more. Still, he is denied and frustrated. His balls are ready to burst. 

Finally, after what feels like forever, and after being on the brink time and time again only to be disappointed, Logan is brought beyond the point of no return. He finally goes over the edge and erupts stream after stream of hot man sauce over himself. The torture is finally over and he can finally relax on Men On Edge.

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