Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pack Attack 5: Shane Frost

Shane Frost is the gang bang bottom in PACK ATTACK 5: SHANE FROST from HOT HOUSE. For the entire film the collared boy is used and abused by Spencer Reed, Trevor Knight, Preston Steel, Shay Michaels, and Cole Streets. In previous scenes, they took turns rimming his ass and forcing their cocks down their throats. In this update, Spencer has locked all the other boys in a cell and wants Shane for himself! He chains up his little pup and shows him off in front of the locked up lads, but suddenly, Shane pisses all over the floor. To punish him, Spencer forces his mega hung cock into Shane's tight hole. Shane manages to get the key and free the other leathermen, who surround him and take turns penetrating his ass. Like he would have it any other way. They leave him spent and worn out. 


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jack and Enrico - Scary Fuckers

Jack Dragon looks fucking hot with those tall boots, jock, and harness accentuated by that sexy tattoo that starts at his chest and works down his arm. He's got a really intense looks, and that's how Enrico Belaggio likes his fuck buds. They start the scene by taking turns deep throating each other's big tools. Then Jack runs his tongue over Enrico's hole in preparation for the real fun. With his shoulders to the ground and his ass in the air, Enrico is entered by Jack. He drills the boy for all he's worth until he explodes in the cum dump's ass. The feeling of that hot load in his ass has Enrico cumming in seconds. Treating Enrico like the slut that he is, Jack has his friend Mickey use the bitch and fill him with another load in this scene from SCARY FUCKERS.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Master Dillon Blows A Load In His Slave

Dillon Press is a sexy, nasty daddy that loves to order his boy Owen Daniels around - doesn't every good dom? Owen is collared and on his knees - like every sub should be - when this scene from RED HOT LATINOS starts. "Suck that cock, boy," comes my favorite command from a dom. Dillon grabs the back of Owen's head to force him into taking it all. Owen is a good little sub and gives great head. It's not long before Master Dillon wants a piece of that ass, and has Owen propped up on some boxes, stuffing his cock in that willing ass. Owen's moans and whimpers tell us how much he enjoys it, and soon he's begging for Dillon to blast his load in that hole. Dillon blows deep inside, then pulls out and licks what follows. They go for a second round where Dillon finishes in Owen's mouth. Owen licks up his boy juice from his fingers when he's allowed to cum and feeds some to daddy. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sounding With Luke and Brendan Davies

Real life boyfriends, Brendan Davies and Luke Davies, try out sounding for the first time in this kinky FETISH FORCE video. The bodybuilders first worship each other's physiques and then shove thick, massive rods down their thick, massive rods. The two studs are in their jockstraps and one is wearing a clear apron, and they take turns on each other. They look good, but, personally, it makes my dick hurt just watching it, but I know some of you out there enjoy this. "Sound" off in the comments. Do you like sounding? Have you done it? Does it hurt? Does it hurt you just watching also?


Monday, November 21, 2011

Punk Twink Boynapped

On BOYNAPPED, Drake Blaize is a punk twink with tattoos, piercings, and multi-colored hair. He's tied down to a bench and dominated by a cute blond twink in sweats. He jerks their cocks together, then makes the punk give him a blow job. Watch him squirm as Luke runs a pinwheel over his body and his cock. That's not all though, he has hot wax poured over his chest too as Luke rides the bound boy. Watch him pump out a load to mix with the wax.


Friday, November 18, 2011

3 Doms, 1 Sub

3 BRUTAL TOPS use and abuse this willing sub. They make him gag on their dicks as they take a crop to his ass. They verbal degrade and humiliate him as he chokes on their digs and eats out their asses. The three hot doms spit on him, even blowing snot rockets into his mouth. They treat him like the submissive piece of trash that he is and they let him know his place as the little bitch who needs to serve superior men. 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Battle Between Redz & Onyx Continues

Deep in the night, the battle between the Onyx and the Redz continues. The Redz are peaceful and love bondage for it's sensual aspects. The Onyx love pain and corporal punishment. Redz member Derek is out for a late night ride on his motorcycle when he hears cries for help. Upon investigating, he becomes the victim of Onyx man Josh's vicious trap! Now his captive, Derek is tied to a chain web and punched and taunted for his ways. Josh also ties him to his own motorcycle where the torment continues and his ass stretched by Josh's mighty cock. Has Josh converted Derek to the Onyx? Is it part of Derek's daring escape plan? Will the epic battle ever be over? Find out at BOUND GODS!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Straight Boy Bill Tortured

Straight boy Billy is collared and bound to a chair, alone, and waits for his captors to return. There's a hole cut in the chair that leaves his ass vulnerable. The captors return and have their way with him. They clamp his foreskin and tie a rope to the ceiling. If he moves, he'll be in serious pain! One of the guys fingers his ass through the hole in the chair. He's forced to service their cocks with some strict training and they bury his face in their asses. They later tie him up in a bed where they flog him, choke him, and, literally, fuck him to tears! Welcome to STRAIGHT HELL!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chad Brock - Butt Machine Boys

After closing up the bar for the night, Chad Brock pulls off his pants and pulls out his favorite dildo. He fucks himself with it for a little bit just to loosen him up, but he needs more. He needs something powerful that'll give it to him hard. He needs a BUTT MACHINE! Well, luckily, he has one! He gets it out and turns it on, letting it fuck him all over the bar. He loves how hard and fast it pounds his hole. Watch him cum in a place you wouldn't believe!


Spencer Reed and Jessie Colter - Bound Gods

Dom extraordinaire, Spencer Reed, is a sexy, leather gloved police officer who has Jessie Colter blindfolded and tied up in a prison cell. Jessie is being released soon and the perverted officer only has one more night to play with him and have his way. Spencer starts rubbing his massive, gloved hands over Jessie's helpless body, then forces his cock into his captive's mouth. Spencer gets rough with him. He flogs him, beats him, straps him down and electrifies him. Then, for added measure, he fucks the crap out of him for one of the most violent orgasms in BOUND GODS history.


Gavin Waters Vs. Roman Wright - Naked Kombat

Blond hunk, Gavin Waters, and dark stud, Roman Wright wrestle in their briefs. It's Red vs. Blue, Blood vs. Crip, as these two struggle for dominance and a piece of the losers ass in this NAKED KOMBAT. Gavin Waters has lost every match he's partaken in by a slight margin, and his ass his sore, so he's giving it his all. This is Roman's first match and he doesn't like to lose. It's game on!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Manuel's Birthday Surprise - Maskurbate

It's Manuel Deboxers birthday and he's getting a special present on MASKURBATE - a sexy strip tease! First he's blindfolded, then the stripper is brought in. It's a hunky black guy wearing the mask. They eventually strip down to their briefs and Manuel rubs his hands over that sexy piece of dark chocolate and strokes his cock. By the end, they bring Manuel his birthday cake and our stripper gives it another layer of his special frosting. 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carlo Cox Uses Uncle John As Plaything - Butch Dixon

Uncle John is alone in a dark room, wearing just boots and a jock. He's locked inside of a cage with his head in a clamp. He's trapped and at the mercy of his captor. The door swings open and the silhouette of Carlo Cox appears and he announces, "it's play time". First, he feeds John his cock and makes him suck it with his head still in the clamp. Eventually, he lets John out and has him continue. Carlo pulls out his slaves cock and works him for a bit before playing with his ass. He fingers the boys hole, shoves huge toys in him, and fucks him hard. Sexy, leathered up top Carlo fucks his slave bitch near the cage, on the cage, and while he's in the cage. It's a hot scene between these geared up studs. The action is intense and rough, the way only real men can do it. The kind you can find on BUTCH DIXON! Check out the photos and trailer.

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