Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jack and Enrico - Scary Fuckers

Jack Dragon looks fucking hot with those tall boots, jock, and harness accentuated by that sexy tattoo that starts at his chest and works down his arm. He's got a really intense looks, and that's how Enrico Belaggio likes his fuck buds. They start the scene by taking turns deep throating each other's big tools. Then Jack runs his tongue over Enrico's hole in preparation for the real fun. With his shoulders to the ground and his ass in the air, Enrico is entered by Jack. He drills the boy for all he's worth until he explodes in the cum dump's ass. The feeling of that hot load in his ass has Enrico cumming in seconds. Treating Enrico like the slut that he is, Jack has his friend Mickey use the bitch and fill him with another load in this scene from SCARY FUCKERS.


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