Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pack Attack 5: Shane Frost

Shane Frost is the gang bang bottom in PACK ATTACK 5: SHANE FROST from HOT HOUSE. For the entire film the collared boy is used and abused by Spencer Reed, Trevor Knight, Preston Steel, Shay Michaels, and Cole Streets. In previous scenes, they took turns rimming his ass and forcing their cocks down their throats. In this update, Spencer has locked all the other boys in a cell and wants Shane for himself! He chains up his little pup and shows him off in front of the locked up lads, but suddenly, Shane pisses all over the floor. To punish him, Spencer forces his mega hung cock into Shane's tight hole. Shane manages to get the key and free the other leathermen, who surround him and take turns penetrating his ass. Like he would have it any other way. They leave him spent and worn out. 


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