Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Master Dillon Blows A Load In His Slave

Dillon Press is a sexy, nasty daddy that loves to order his boy Owen Daniels around - doesn't every good dom? Owen is collared and on his knees - like every sub should be - when this scene from RED HOT LATINOS starts. "Suck that cock, boy," comes my favorite command from a dom. Dillon grabs the back of Owen's head to force him into taking it all. Owen is a good little sub and gives great head. It's not long before Master Dillon wants a piece of that ass, and has Owen propped up on some boxes, stuffing his cock in that willing ass. Owen's moans and whimpers tell us how much he enjoys it, and soon he's begging for Dillon to blast his load in that hole. Dillon blows deep inside, then pulls out and licks what follows. They go for a second round where Dillon finishes in Owen's mouth. Owen licks up his boy juice from his fingers when he's allowed to cum and feeds some to daddy. 

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