Monday, October 22, 2012

Jock Bound by His Doc

Dr. Morgan Black has one helluva bedside manner. When he gets a hottie of a patient like Mitch Vaughn, he has an extra special type of checkup. The strapping stud is very well built, and Dr. Black takes notice of this and his mind reels. Mitch is his last patient so he can take his time and send his nurse home. So the two are all alone when Morgan wraps up his exam. No one will hear Mitch's cries or come to his aid, so Morgan makes his move in this hot Bound Gods scene. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bathroom Urinal Slave Boy Pissed On

The boys on Brutal Tops are the nastiest of nasty with how they use their submissive bitch boys. In this particular case, the slave is used as an ash tray and a urinal. There's a lot of piss play as the first dom soaks his underwear and socks in piss as the degraded boy sucks  it out. He's also made to lick the dried piss off of the urinals and punished when he hesitates. Another dom sits on the toilet and the slave eats his ass before they both treat him to a golden shower. The filthy pig bottom cleans it off of the floor with his tongue, and he's a happy boy.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Troy Daniels and Tony Hunter Live Slave Show with Spencer Reed

Troy Daniels and Tony Hunter are put to the test by Masters Spencer Reed and Van Dark Holme. During the live show on Bound Gods, the boys are stripped, blindfolded, and ordered to play with each other. They are soon bound and gagged, where they are played with - they are flogged and have a vibrator wand held against their jockstrapped packages. Troy and Tony's cock sucking skills are then put to the test.

Military Fucking

On All-American Heroes, Infantry Specialist Marco fucks Lance Corporal Scott in his army fatigues. The two chat a bit, then do some push-ups with Scott's legs on Marco's back and his hands on the bed. Then it's time to start making out and playing with each other's cocks. This progresses to Scott sucking Marco's military meat. Marco pulls Scott's fatigues down to his ankles and lifts the boys legs in the air. Scott gets his ass pounded with his boots and camouflage pants on even when he's rolled over onto his knees. When Marco can't hold back any longer, he pulls out and dumps his load all over the Lance Corporals ginger face and mouth. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cody Allen Welcomes New Dom Brad Kalvo

Cody Allen is a good little sub boy. He's there to show Brad Kalvo around the armory on Bound Gods. Cody shows him the bondage wall, where Master Brad inspects and picks out flogs and other items to use on his sub for the evening. They enter the playroom, and Master Brad sits in the cock sucking chair and wonders why they call it that. The boi Cody will just have to show him, but first he's forced to lick Brad's boots. 

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