Monday, October 22, 2012

Jock Bound by His Doc

Dr. Morgan Black has one helluva bedside manner. When he gets a hottie of a patient like Mitch Vaughn, he has an extra special type of checkup. The strapping stud is very well built, and Dr. Black takes notice of this and his mind reels. Mitch is his last patient so he can take his time and send his nurse home. So the two are all alone when Morgan wraps up his exam. No one will hear Mitch's cries or come to his aid, so Morgan makes his move in this hot Bound Gods scene. 

When his hot patient is about to leave, Morgan grabs him from behind and covers his mouth. He ties Mitch down to the examine table and starts to have his fun. First, he gets his patient's pants down and examines it with his mouth and tongue. Next, Mitch's throats gets checked with a different sort of tongue depressor. 

Mitch is tied up with his ass exposed so Dr. Morgan Black can flog, then fuck his helpless patient. Mitch loves it though, it's the best doctor's visit he's ever had. He's then strapped down to another exam table with restraints around his neck, chest, and legs. His feet are spread in stirrups and an electro butt plug is inserted into his rectum. The electricity is slowly cranked and pumped through Mitch's body as the doc edge's the boy.

The horny doctor keeps a large arsenal of toys and bondage equipment in his office, it seems, and he's not done with Mitch's ass. He has his arms and legs locked into the same metal stock device. His ass is vulnerable and violated by his dirty doctor even further. 

Morgan Black fucks Mitch Vaugh hard in the inescapable bondage, first on his stomach with his face pressed into the gurney, then on his side. Mitch cries out as Morgan drills him deep.  While Mitch is tied up and fucked, Dr. Black is able to obtain a sperm sample and writes Mitch a prescription for a hot cum load that Morgan is able to fill for him at the office. This is the kind of scene for what ails you. Check it out on Bound Gods


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