Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jockstrap Fisters

Rick Van Sant and Trevor Bloom take turns fisting each other. 

Fisting legends Rick Van Sant and Trent Bloom push each other to the limit in a local sex club where we catch Rick red handed with his fist up Trent's jockstrap-framed ass. He punch-fucks Trent's infamous rosebud mercilessly with both fists, splitting the horny pig-bottom in half. The sight of Trent's protruding insides makes Rick's hole twitch; it's his turn to get his ass worked over. 

He lies on his back and orders Trent to give him all he's got. The experienced fister works both hands into Rick's ass and massages his guts. Trent stretches Rick's hole open wide and slams his fist inside up to his elbow. Proving he's got the hungriest hole in the business, Trent adheres a giant dildo to the floor and bounces up and down on it while he continues to pummel Rick's hole.

See more at Club Inferno Dugeon

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