Monday, October 22, 2012

Jock Bound by His Doc

Dr. Morgan Black has one helluva bedside manner. When he gets a hottie of a patient like Mitch Vaughn, he has an extra special type of checkup. The strapping stud is very well built, and Dr. Black takes notice of this and his mind reels. Mitch is his last patient so he can take his time and send his nurse home. So the two are all alone when Morgan wraps up his exam. No one will hear Mitch's cries or come to his aid, so Morgan makes his move in this hot Bound Gods scene. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bathroom Urinal Slave Boy Pissed On

The boys on Brutal Tops are the nastiest of nasty with how they use their submissive bitch boys. In this particular case, the slave is used as an ash tray and a urinal. There's a lot of piss play as the first dom soaks his underwear and socks in piss as the degraded boy sucks  it out. He's also made to lick the dried piss off of the urinals and punished when he hesitates. Another dom sits on the toilet and the slave eats his ass before they both treat him to a golden shower. The filthy pig bottom cleans it off of the floor with his tongue, and he's a happy boy.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Troy Daniels and Tony Hunter Live Slave Show with Spencer Reed

Troy Daniels and Tony Hunter are put to the test by Masters Spencer Reed and Van Dark Holme. During the live show on Bound Gods, the boys are stripped, blindfolded, and ordered to play with each other. They are soon bound and gagged, where they are played with - they are flogged and have a vibrator wand held against their jockstrapped packages. Troy and Tony's cock sucking skills are then put to the test.

Military Fucking

On All-American Heroes, Infantry Specialist Marco fucks Lance Corporal Scott in his army fatigues. The two chat a bit, then do some push-ups with Scott's legs on Marco's back and his hands on the bed. Then it's time to start making out and playing with each other's cocks. This progresses to Scott sucking Marco's military meat. Marco pulls Scott's fatigues down to his ankles and lifts the boys legs in the air. Scott gets his ass pounded with his boots and camouflage pants on even when he's rolled over onto his knees. When Marco can't hold back any longer, he pulls out and dumps his load all over the Lance Corporals ginger face and mouth. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cody Allen Welcomes New Dom Brad Kalvo

Cody Allen is a good little sub boy. He's there to show Brad Kalvo around the armory on Bound Gods. Cody shows him the bondage wall, where Master Brad inspects and picks out flogs and other items to use on his sub for the evening. They enter the playroom, and Master Brad sits in the cock sucking chair and wonders why they call it that. The boi Cody will just have to show him, but first he's forced to lick Brad's boots. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Paddy O'Brian's Hot Leather Look

In demand UK stud, Paddy O'Brian, gets kinky in this Butch Dixon scene. In his sexy leather cap, harness, and red rubber shorts, you can just call him SIR! Which I would do gladly. In this scene, he plays an escort that Dominic Pacifico has hired to entertain him in London. When he shows up at Dominic’s hotel room, Paddy is exactly what he ordered and more. He doesn’t necessarily get dominant with the Latin dream boat, but dressed like that, he can be whatever he wants.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Boy Bound and Fucked in Public

This week on Bound In Public, it's time to haze the new boy. And what better way than to tie him up and gang bang him while everyone watches? He's stripped down and totally humiliated in front of strangers, and plugged at both ends. He's not sorry he showed up today. He's a total sub bitch, who loves it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Cabin - Part One

People are talking about the new psychological thriller film being released by Bound Gods. Van Darkholme forgoes the leather, violet wands, and clothes pins to tell "a story of lust and betrayal." There's still plenty of BDSM in it - bondage, control, forced sex, gags, etc. Ricky Sinz, Logan Vaughn, Morgan Black, and Tyler Alexander are very hot and it's put together very well.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cute Camper Kidnapped and Edged

Being alone in the woods for a hike on a beautiful day is just asking for someone to make you their prey. Poor Logan Vaughn has no idea that someone is tracking him, watching his every move, ready to pounce at just the right time. And that's exactly what Van Darkholme is doing in this scene from Men On Edge!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Marc Dylan is a Good Boy for Master Avery

Marc Dylan is a great little sub bottom. He's a great bottom in general. And on Bound Gods, he gets to live out his true role. He loves getting his ass plowed over and over again, and he looks good doing it. His well-sculpted body looking divine as his hard muscles struggle against the restraints. It's unfortunate that he's not wearing leather, but, thankfully, Master Avery is, and he’s ready to play with the new boy toy that’s passed out, hooded, and roped up. Master Avery rips off Marc’s shirt to he can work over the boy’s nipples and punch his chest. That soon leads to forcing Marc to service his new Master’s cock before getting him to the cross.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hot Cum Control Game To Play With Your Sub

I'm not sure if anyone has ever done this game before, but I got the idea based off of a dice game I heard about. It involves a deck of cards and the luck of the draw. You won't need anything fancy.

New Dom Adam Herst Uses Sebastian Keys on Bound Gods

Adam Herst is a hot, new leather dom on Bound Gods. To welcome him, they send sub boy Sebastian Keys in to lick his boots and all the way up his chaps until he reaches Master Adam's crotch. Adam isn't too impressed at first, but tries the slut out anyway. He inspects Sebastian's ass and spanks him with a riding crop. Sir Adam continues the test by tying Sebastian up and applying butterfly clamps. He gets the boy hard and makes him beg for a flogging. Then the hunky leather daddy stuffs his cock in all of the boys whore holes while he's suspended in mid-air. Then again back on the ground until the both shoot out their loads. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Underwear Thief Caught - Bound In Public

No body likes a thief - especially when that asshole steals their underwear! When the guys at the laundromat catch Mitch Vaughn stealing their manties, they decide to teach him a lesson. They grab him and strip him down. They put a dirty pair of briefs over his face so he can get a good whiff of their ass. He's forced to suck their cocks and rim all their asses as they line up. He's bound and humiliated. They toss him in a laundry cart where they take turns pounding his ass and shoving their cocks down his throat. Tristan Jaxx is among the studs there and fucks Mitch with his huge cock, up against the glass door where anyone could see. Mitch blows his load and is forced to lick it up. That's how they do it on Bound In Public.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jake Steel Tied Up and Gang Banged in Public

Jake Steel is about to learn a lesson about harassing the guys at a glory hole. After being fed up with him, the guys take Jake down. In front of all the customers, he's stripped naked, beaten, and forced to suck their cocks. The attackers lock the door and start to fuck him right in front of the window.  He's blindfolded and Bound In Public.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sir Christian Wilde Dominates Boy Travis Irons

On Bound Gods, Travis Irons is the new kid in the block - the cell block, and Christian is going to show him a Wilde time. The boy is bound and blindfolded to some pipes. Christian has a silent and brooding style to his domination, and it's hot! Sir Christian plays with the cock, and asks who's cock that is. Of course, it's his. Next, the boy is tied in a sitting position, hooded, and clamped as the tattooed, leather stud continues to torment him. He forces the boy to look at himself in the mirror. I've had a Sir do that once as he fucked me, and it was hot! It doesn't end there. Christian makes the submissive stud service his shaft.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ricky Sinz Dominates Jason Miller On Bound Gods

It's another hot, aggressive leather filled scene over at BOUND GODS that's sure to get your dick rock hard and make you cum twice. Ricky Sinz looks so damn good in that leather - chaps, boots, harness, wrist bands and gloves. Jason Miller is his captor, who is kept naked and caged. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jordan In Straight Hell

In this update from STRAIGHT HELL, Jordan is their latest captive! He's restrained to two blue, metal pillars and tortured, flogged, and punched! Can this straight man take the abuse?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sektor 9 - Marc Dylan and Chris Daniels

Marc Dylan and Christopher Daniels are in the dungeon in this scene from HOT HOUSE'S SEKTOR 9. Chris loves using his hot mouth to eat out a sweet ass before he fucks it. Marc is laying in a sling in his blue harness and rubber chaps with his ass exposed for Chris. Chris is leathered up in a harness and jockstrap, and alternates between eating Marc's ass out and sucking his big, hard dick. After lubing him up with his spit, Chris slides a couple fingers into Marc's hungry hole. Once he's properly opened up, Chris manages to work his fat 9" cock deep into the boy's bottom. Chris fucks him hard, and when he's ready to cum he pulls Marc off the sling and straddles his face. Marc takes the fat cock down his throat as Chris face fucks him. Chris blasts ropes of cum onto Marc's washboard abs, then helps him bust a nut too. Check out this scene and others from the film at HOT HOUSE, where you can get 20% off a membership with promo code JOEKINK.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sgt. Drew Cutler Pisses on Chris Porter

Chris Porter is a new recruit, and Sgt. Drew Cutler is going to show him how things work around the barracks. He pushes Chris down and lets him know right off the bat who is in charge. Chris is a good subordinate that knows his place is on his knees servicing cock, and he gets right to work on Drew's. Drew asks Chris if he's ready for some piss, but it's not really a question because he just unleashes a stream of urine right where Chris is kneeling - soaking the kid and his clothes. Chris is eager to please and there's lots of verbal action in this scene. Chris is stripped down and Drew continues to drench him in that golden shower before he eats his ass. When the boy's tight ass is good and wet, Sgt. Cutler stuffs it with his cock and fucks Chris nice and hard. See more at FETISH FORCE.

Josh West Fucks Alessio Romero

Josh West is a hot, leather daddy with a furry chest and a really huge cock. We’re talking monster dick here! And Alessio Romero is the lucky ass enchained and eagerly awaiting. Major nipple sucking and chewing here, loads of cocksucking and if the look on Alessio’s face doesn’t make you come while he’s getting rimmed by Josh, then perhaps the glazed look in his eyes while getting fucked will make you pop. Watch these two leather studs get their BDSM on at LAVENDER LOUNGE.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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