Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hot Cum Control Game To Play With Your Sub

I'm not sure if anyone has ever done this game before, but I got the idea based off of a dice game I heard about. It involves a deck of cards and the luck of the draw. You won't need anything fancy.

I think most doms enjoy having control of their boys ejaculation habits. Some use chastity devices and some just give orders. It can be a form of punishment or just a training method. After all, that cock is Sirs cock and no longer the boys to play with whenever he wants. Same goes for his hole. This is a game I look forward to playing with a boy or Sir. Subs, you could even just play by yourself. Now, on to the game.

Objective: For the Dom - To keep your sub/slave/boy from cumming for as long as possible.
For the sub - To have the ability to cum whenever, wherever, and as often as you'd like, but don't bet on it.

Instructions: The game is quite simple. The sub starts with 1 point. Remove any jokers and shuffle the cards. Have your sub draw a card, then you draw a card. If the subs card is higher, then he gets a point and you guys draw again. Each time his card is higher, he gets a point and drawing of cards continues. If his card is lower, then that's the end of this round. Alternatively, you could give him another way to earn points: ask him trivia questions, play a quick game like blackjack, reward him during the week for things, etc. You can get creative.

Now comes the next part. Your sub's points are used to determine the amount of cards he can choose from. Shuffle the deck, fan out the cards, and have him pick a card - any card! If he has 2 points, he gets two cards, etc. The cards will determine how long he must go without jerking off. Let's say he has earned 3 points and he chooses three cards. From those three cards he must choose one that will determine his fate for whatever length of time the card denotes. Then lock that cock up!

Here's how the cards break down:
Ace-Four are weeks he must go without the joy of playing with himself.
Five-Ten represent the number of days he will have to go.
King, being the ruler of all, gives your sub ONE day of chastity.
Queen gives TWO days.
Jack is a winner. The sub gets a free week out of chastity and can play with himself freely.

Alternatively: Go through the cards, one-by-one, remove three of the Jacks and watch that boys cock stiffen!

After the chaste period is over, the boy gets to cum, and you can play again. Don't worry, you can still use your boy's holes. Just because he doesn't get to cum doesn't mean you shouldn't!

What do you guys think of this little game? Anyone have other games to share? Go ahead and leave a comment.

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