Friday, May 11, 2012

Sir Christian Wilde Dominates Boy Travis Irons

On Bound Gods, Travis Irons is the new kid in the block - the cell block, and Christian is going to show him a Wilde time. The boy is bound and blindfolded to some pipes. Christian has a silent and brooding style to his domination, and it's hot! Sir Christian plays with the cock, and asks who's cock that is. Of course, it's his. Next, the boy is tied in a sitting position, hooded, and clamped as the tattooed, leather stud continues to torment him. He forces the boy to look at himself in the mirror. I've had a Sir do that once as he fucked me, and it was hot! It doesn't end there. Christian makes the submissive stud service his shaft.

After coating that cock with his spit, Christian ties him in a new position to another set of pipes. This time the boy is gagged and in chastity too. After a little CBT, Master Christian puts this newbie sub through a flogging his ass won't soon forget. What else it won't forget is the plowing that Christian  gives him in the end. "Who does this ass belong to, boy?" You, Sir Christian, you! And so does mine.

Watch the video on Bound Gods.


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