Monday, January 23, 2012

Dr. Parker London Gives Trent An Unforgettable Exam

Dr. Parker London shows Trent Diesel why he should come in for a regular check up on BOUND GODS!

Trent Diesel has to get a physical for work, but he shows up late for his appointment. Parker London is a parolee who pretends to be the doctor and gives Trent his exam. Trent thinks something is amiss when all Parker does his feel his cock and finger his ass. Trent threatens to report the crazy doc, but Parker takes him down and ties him to stop him. Once bound and with no where to go, Parker uses and abuses him. He flogs Trent's fine ass, electroes his balls and ass, and forces his cock into Trent's tight holes. Trent can't do anything but endure Parker's crazy antics and enjoy the fucking. His bound and gagged to the exam table where Parker rides his cock too! This is one doctor's visit kink lovers are sure to enjoy. Who wouldn't go more often if Parker was the doctor and this was part of the physical? See more on BOUND GODS.

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