Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jordan In Straight Hell

In this update from STRAIGHT HELL, Jordan is their latest captive! He's restrained to two blue, metal pillars and tortured, flogged, and punched! Can this straight man take the abuse?

Straight boy Jordan is incredibly tense having his arms and legs bound while Adrian circles around him. He has no idea what sadistic punishment might be inflicted upon him next. He receives what he thinks at first to be a loving caress, but that quickly turns into a cruel tickling that totally disarms the him, both physically and mentally. 

Dave enters and gives his hard muscular ass a vicious lashing. Adrian slides a dildo up his tight asshole while Dave continues to mercilessly flog him. Glistening with oil, Jordan looks like a Spanish warrior receiving his public punishment. Dave flogs him so hard his body is left glowing red and he collapses to the ground trembling as ice cold water spills over his naked body.

This guy was really put through some rough and intense stuff. They don't go easy with the stomach punching or the flogging. This is hardcore BDSM at it's finest. Watch Jordan get beaten and broken down on STRAIGHT HELL!

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