Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sebastian In Straight Hell

Rugby stud Sebastian is captured by Dave and put through STRAIGHT HELL.

Sebastian is captured by Dave and doesn't know what he's in for. The straight Rugby player is bound up tight, gagged, and mercilessly fucked with a vibrator. CUNT is written on his forehead, and that's exactly what he is. He's stripped down to his jock for easy access to that tight hole. His nipples are squeezed and pinched, making him whine and cry like a bitch. Dave really gets into humiliating this bloke. 

After his ass is sufficiently played with, Dave goes for a little CBT. A rope is tied around his cock and balls at one end, and at the other a bowling ball. The ball is used as a weight to really stretch and torture the straight fuck.  With his arms stretched and tied behind him, there's nothing Sebastian can do, except endure the torture as best as he can. 

What other kinds of humiliation and torture does Dave have in store for Sebastian? Check out STRAIGHT HELL to find out. 

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