Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ricky Sinz Dominates Jason Miller On Bound Gods

It's another hot, aggressive leather filled scene over at BOUND GODS that's sure to get your dick rock hard and make you cum twice. Ricky Sinz looks so damn good in that leather - chaps, boots, harness, wrist bands and gloves. Jason Miller is his captor, who is kept naked and caged. 

This boy is kept in a very small cage with a rope around his neck. Ricky goes over to the cage and makes the boy stretch and work for his cock. Ricky's thick pole is kept just out of the sub bitches reach, and Ricky yells at him to work for it. His head can't get any further between the bars and he tries reaching with his tongue. Ricky pulls him up by the rope and begins to beat the boy's balls. He cries out and begs for Master Ricky to stop, but he's merciless. 

Once the leather master has released the imprisoned sub, then fun really begins. Ricky has him roped up and gagged and begins to do all sorts of fun and tormenting activities to his slave. He holds a vibrator to his cock bringing him to the verge of cumming, flogs him, and make him endure some hardcore CBT. Sir Ricky then suspends him in a back-breaking position and forces his dick down the boys horny throat. Ricky ties a bench to the slut's back and makes him lick boots and blow his cock some more before he finally fucks him good and hard! Watching Ricky fuck is always hot and you can tell what a natural dom he is. He's verbal and rough. 

Too bad he didn't leave the gloves on. That would've been great! It's still a hot as fuck scene. Ricky really gets off on being a dominant, sadistic, leatherman who knows how to use and abuse his bitches. See the trailer and watch the scene on BOUND GODS!

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  1. These scenes are so hot. I would love to be kidnapped, stripped, tied up tight and forced to be edged and violated orally and anally. I have been into B&D and S/m for years but nothing like this. This would be a true adventure. Lots of pain, frustration, pleasure and denial. Donaldinaz


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