Friday, January 6, 2012

Soggy Biscuit With Brutal Tops

New recruit hazed and dominated by the BRUTAL TOPS.

I love the scenes from BRUTAL TOPS, they're so rough and hardcore! This one features a new army recruit, who is woken up by a group of tormentors and tied to his bed. They force his eyes open as they rape his mouth - forcing their cocks deep inside. They get really inventive by douching their asses and squirting the butt water into his face over and over, as you can see from the pix. What you don't see is that afterwards, they play a game of soggy biscuit with him. They tie his hands with duct tape so he can't really jerk off, and force him to suck them and fuck his ass so these hard Masters can cum and win the game. They, of course, do and decorate the cracker with their creamy ball frosting. Then they shove it down the bitches throat. He can barely stomach it as it's forced down while they verbally abuse and torment him. Lucky guy! Any group of hot doms want to play this game with me? Always wanted to be forced to eat some loads. The guys on this site really know how to turn up the humiliation to the max! Would love to see more leather, though. 

~Visit BRUTAL TOPS to check out the soggy biscuit fun!~

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