Monday, October 1, 2012

Cody Allen Welcomes New Dom Brad Kalvo

Cody Allen is a good little sub boy. He's there to show Brad Kalvo around the armory on Bound Gods. Cody shows him the bondage wall, where Master Brad inspects and picks out flogs and other items to use on his sub for the evening. They enter the playroom, and Master Brad sits in the cock sucking chair and wonders why they call it that. The boi Cody will just have to show him, but first he's forced to lick Brad's boots. 

Cody is a good boy and services the hairy Master's boots very well. He's rewarded by being allowed to suck and worship his Sir's cock. Cody, collared and in a jock, works his mouth along the shaft and gags on the cock while being spanked with a crop. After that, he's bound with his hands to the ceiling as he sits on a bondage horse and his feet tied to the ground. In this position, Master Brad can edge the boy's cock and attached clothespins all the way down his firm body and shock him with a stun gun.

Tied in that position also leaves kinky Cody open to being flogged by the beefy, built daddy. The boy takes lashes to the back and chest until he's a bright shade of pink. Cody cries out as he feels the sting of the leather straps land on him. When Master Brad is satisfied, Cody is put back on his knees to get Sir's cock hard and ready to fuck the boy's ass. 


With his hands bound in front of him, the leather sub boy has to lower himself over his Master's cock. Cody slides down the leather man's shaft and starts to ride it. He impales himself on it, squeezing the shaft to please Sir Brad. He has a seriously talented ass that Master loves and wants to pound. He bends Cody over and starts thrusting deep into the sub's hole.

 Fucking Cody's tight hole brings Brad to the edge. He is ready to blow his load. He pulls out and the boy kneels before him, eager for his Master's cum. He's showered in the jizz and Cody Allen welcomes the new Master, Brad Kalvo, to Bound Gods the right way. What a good boy Cody is. I thing Brad would enjoy using his ass again soon.

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