Saturday, October 13, 2012

Troy Daniels and Tony Hunter Live Slave Show with Spencer Reed

Troy Daniels and Tony Hunter are put to the test by Masters Spencer Reed and Van Dark Holme. During the live show on Bound Gods, the boys are stripped, blindfolded, and ordered to play with each other. They are soon bound and gagged, where they are played with - they are flogged and have a vibrator wand held against their jockstrapped packages. Troy and Tony's cock sucking skills are then put to the test.

Troy services Tony's cock and practices his deep-throating skills on Spencer's long cock. Troy is a good cock sucking slave and holds that cock in his throat for the full ten second count. Good boy!  Their asses have anal hooks inserted in them, and the doms drip hot wax all over their backsides - making the boys scream. With his back covered in wax, Troy gets mounted by the leather-gloved Spencer and fucked hard.

Next up, the numbered slaves have their balls put into a press, and the collared boys service each other one more time. Their nipples are clamped and their tongues are clothes pinned until it's time for Spencer to dominate some asses again. 

Spencer plays with the two boys as they play with each other. The two lay on top of each other and Master Spencer covers their face in his cum. They are released and given 3 minutes to cum. Spencer stands on a platform with a boy on either side of him. They cum at his boot and are forced to lick up their loads on this Bound Gods live show.

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