Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bathroom Urinal Slave Boy Pissed On

The boys on Brutal Tops are the nastiest of nasty with how they use their submissive bitch boys. In this particular case, the slave is used as an ash tray and a urinal. There's a lot of piss play as the first dom soaks his underwear and socks in piss as the degraded boy sucks  it out. He's also made to lick the dried piss off of the urinals and punished when he hesitates. Another dom sits on the toilet and the slave eats his ass before they both treat him to a golden shower. The filthy pig bottom cleans it off of the floor with his tongue, and he's a happy boy.

Watch the filthy pig slave get used and pissed on at Brutal Tops - where the doms are true humiliating men and the boys are real bottoms that crave humiliation, degradation, and abuse. It makes for some real hot scenes. 

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