Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carlo Cox Uses Uncle John As Plaything - Butch Dixon

Uncle John is alone in a dark room, wearing just boots and a jock. He's locked inside of a cage with his head in a clamp. He's trapped and at the mercy of his captor. The door swings open and the silhouette of Carlo Cox appears and he announces, "it's play time". First, he feeds John his cock and makes him suck it with his head still in the clamp. Eventually, he lets John out and has him continue. Carlo pulls out his slaves cock and works him for a bit before playing with his ass. He fingers the boys hole, shoves huge toys in him, and fucks him hard. Sexy, leathered up top Carlo fucks his slave bitch near the cage, on the cage, and while he's in the cage. It's a hot scene between these geared up studs. The action is intense and rough, the way only real men can do it. The kind you can find on BUTCH DIXON! Check out the photos and trailer.


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