Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Lurker - Bound Gods

Brian Bonds and DJ are two straight friends, hanging out and watching some porn together. They're waiting for two hot chicks to come over after work so they can all hook up. Someone has other plans, however. Van Darkholme, the BOUND GODS mastermind, is lurking in the shadows outside, watching them and waiting. It's the ultimate horror movie nightmare, when Van cuts off the electricity and the boys separate to investigate what's lurking outside. Watch out, Brian!

As Brian stumbles in the dark to check on the situation, DJ is hears something and goes to check it out too. He's grabbed by Van and tied up. When Brian returns to the living room and finds his friend, he too is grabbed by Van. He tries his hardest to escape and screams as Van drags him on the floor and nabs him. He awakens tied to a chair, half naked, and that's when the fun begins.

He forces the two naked, bound boys to suck each other and do humiliating gay acts because they're straight. They try to fight, but they have no control. They are suspended, tortured, and beat for not cooperating.

He ultimately forces them into the bedroom and into fucking each other, in this super hot, super scary edition of BOUND GODS for their Halloween Horror Month.

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