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It was a weekend I would never forget. The weekend Master would put me in my place and show his complete dominance and ownership over me. It would be the weekend I would be a total slave, feel totally worthless, and be totally turned on. We had talked about it on a few occasions, it was a fantasy of mine, but one I was too afraid to ever try. Would the reality of it be too much for me to handle? Would I be turned off and repulsed by it? Could I give up that much control? See before this weekend it was more of a Sir/boy thing. I was completely submissive in the bedroom, but fairly equal outside of it with our normal day-to-day lives. He was more than Master, he was daddy, lover, and boyfriend. This weekend was the chance to bring about a new dimension to our relationship. This was the weekend that I agreed to be his total slave. I would do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING He commanded with no question – both inside the bedroom AND outside. I would have no choice or risk severe punishment. This weekend, what I had no choice in becoming was his whore.

Spencer Reed as Sir

We pulled up to the clothing optional resort that evening around 8. It was early enough in the year that it was so dark at that time you couldn’t tell if it was 8 o’clock or 10. The car stopped moving, but my body couldn’t stop shaking. “You ready, boy?” he asked, the dominance in his voice already started the blood flowing down there. This was it. The moment I stepped out of the car was when it was all going to take full effect. Sure, the whole drive there I wore my leather collar, harness, and boots, but I didn’t have to do anything. Nobody saw me get into the car in the garage at our home in LA, but some people on the streets and highway did notice. I felt humiliated, ashamed, and aroused. Especially when Sir told me what a good boy I was on the drive if people said anything. However, this was going to be different.  I had to walk into a resort full of naked and horny gay men and everyone would know I was a slave.

I finally decided fuck it all and be proud of my slave status. I was with a hot fucking Sir and was proud to be his bitch boy. I nodded my head, I was ready. A wicked smile crossed his lips. “That’s a good boy,” he said and patted my head. “Now get the fuck out of the car!”

I quickly opened the door and stepped outside. I was expecting to find him by my side, but he was still inside as another car of young guys came around the corner and started honking and whistling. I got scared as it slowed down, and then stopped. They made lewd comments, expected me to just take orders from them, and show them my ass. That’s when Sir got out of the car and walked over to them. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but they all smiled. Would he make me service one of them already, right there on the street? “Hey boy, bend over. Show us that nice pink hole,” he ordered. I was frozen. Sir had me start working on my body early on and by now I was in pretty decent shape finally, but still not the most comfortable in my body and exposing it. “NOW!” he barked. I slowly turned around and bent over. “Spread ‘em, boy! Open those cheeks nice and wide,” he further instructed. I heard the cheers and cat calls, and again I felt humiliated, but I was also getting off on the attention. They liked what they saw.

I was still bent over, cheeks spread wide, when I heard them whisper something then the car drove off. Sir came over, spanked me on the ass, and told me to follow him into the resort. I did.

Inside, the front desk clerk smiled as we left, nodded my way, and said “nice” to Sir. He smiled back at the portly old man and looked at me. I couldn’t help but wonder if He was going to make me service this guy. I didn’t know if He was going to make me service anyone. It was all a game and he knew exactly how to play with my mind. Was he going to whore me out and make me service other guys for his pleasure, or was his pleasure simply from making me squirm and keeping me in suspense. In the real world I would never even consider giving a blow job to the desk clerk, but in my slave mind being forced to service him got my cock hard. Having my Master order me to do something I normally wouldn’t was what I craved. “Let’s go boy,” came his order and we left for our room.

A short time later, I entered the room carrying all of our suit cases. They weren’t many since we were planning on wearing much that weekend. I found Master sitting on the edge bed, still in his clothes – a blue, striped button down shirt, black pants, tie, and shoes. His shirt was tucked in, but had been unbuttoned enough for me to see his sexy, smooth chest and the harness framing it.

“On your knees,” he ordered and pointed at the ground in front of him. I quickly did as I was told as I wasn’t ready for a punishment just yet. He ran his fingers through my hair and around my face, caressing me. He leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss on the lips. It felt so good. Then he suddenly pulled away. “Take off my shoes,” he said as he leaned back. I unlaced the black, patent leather shoe and slid it off his foot. I could smell the odor coming off of them already. “Kiss my foot,” he whispered. I hesitated. I hated feet. “Kiss my fucking foot, bitch!” he shouted. I held my breath and quickly gave it a peck. He just laughed then told me to do the other one. When I leaned in to kiss that one he grabbed the back of my head and held it there, forcing me to keep kissing his foot through his sock. He made me take a good whiff and then suck on his big toe. I could taste the sweat off of the sock.”Yeah, you love that, don’t you bitch?”

“Yes, Sir!” I responded as best I could. Then I removed the rest of his clothes one piece at a time. I was surprised to find out that he wore a leather jock underneath and the Slick It Up gauntlets that framed his forearms perfectly. He stood in front of me and placed one arm on the back of my head, pulling me into the leather of his crotch. I instinctively inhaled the scent of his balls mixed with leather.

“Lick it!” he commanded and so I did. The entire pouch of the jock was covered in my saliva as he encouraged me and told me what a good boy I was. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me away, my tongue sticking out, trying to reach the jock. I tried to move for it, but he held me back. Then he snapped off the cod piece and his beautiful, thick 8 inch cock popped out before me, teasing me like a piece of meat in front of a dog. I tried to dive onto it, but he continued holding me back by my hair. “You want my cock, boy?” he teased. I nodded. He asked again.

“Yes, Sir!” I responded.

“Yeah, I know you do, boy. Let me hear it. Tell me you want it.”

“Sir, I want your cock, Sir.” He inched it closer, then pulled it away laughing. Then he brought it up to my face and slapped me with it. I loved this game. I loved how he teased me. He knew what a cock sucking whore I was and how I loved to service his. He traced lines all over my face with it and smacked me a few more times just so I could feel how big and hard it was. He had me stick out my tongue so he could smack his dick on that too. He covered my open lips in his pre-cum before he entered my waiting mouth. My lips automatically enclosed over his shaft and I could feel the long vein on the bottom of his cock on my tongue. He tasted so good.

“Yeah, that’s it. Good boy. Take that cock you little faggot. Yeah, all the way in. Oooh! That’s my boy, such a good cock sucker. Yeah, you fucking little bitch, suck that cock. Yeah, you love it. We’re gonna put that mouth to good use this weekend, you little whore. You’re MY fucking whore, aren’tcha boy?” The words sprang forth and how I loved being verbally abused.

I serviced Sir’s cock like the dutiful submissive cock whore that I was. No hands, I was a pro! I alternated my rhythm and occasionally slide as far down those glorious 8-inches as I could. It drove him crazy when I gagged on it and he could feel the muscles of my throat clench over the shaft, choking and producing copious amounts of lubrication. His pre-cum tasted so good too. I drank it down like the thirsty boy I was in this dessert oasis. He grabbed the back of my head and face fucked me as he neared his climax. I worked for it, I wanted that load in my mouth, but not in my throat. I wanted to taste it, and he loved watching me catch it in my mouth, swallow his hot jizz, then suck the rest out of him and lick his pole clean. Sir didn’t disappoint. He pulled out and blasted that sweet seed towards my face. It overloaded my mouth and started to drip down my chin. As I sucked out every last oozing drop, he wiped what was falling down my chin and fed it to me. He smiled proudly. It made me happy to make him so proud. We weren’t done, however.

He helped me to my feet, then ordered me to lay on the bed. As I did, he went over to the large suitcase – the biggest one we brought – that was full of toys, restraints, gear, etc. I was already wearing wrist and ankle restraints, that was part of my outfit for the day. He came back over with some rope and laid on top of me, kissing me deeply. My hands went around his back, but he grabbed them and pinned them over my head. He took one piece of rope and tied my right arm to the bed post, then did the same to my left. He pinched my nipples and smacked my chest before kissing me again. He lifted my legs up and pressed his still hard cock between my ass cheeks. I was hard as a rock and hoped he would fuck the cum right out of me.
Suddenly, he stopped. I looked at him puzzled. He returned to the toy bag, and brought back a cock sucker’s hood – the spandex kind with only a large mouth hole, the a spreader bar, and more rope. The spreader bar was latched to the ankle restraints, then a piece of rope on each restraint was tied to the bed post behind me – leaving my legs in the air, spread wide open. He lay on top of me again. I thought for sure he would find his way into my hole. I was hungry for his cock in me. He knew it too.

“How’s that hole boy? Ready for some cock?”

“Yes, Sir!” I eagerly replied.

He grinded his cock into me, but didn’t enter. He was driving me crazy. “Good boy,” he replied. He slid the hood over my head. Then I felt him get off the bed. I heard the sound of his belt buckle as he pulled his pants up and then zipped them. I heard his footsteps as they lead away from me.

“Sir, where are you going?” I asked, my voice shaking.

He walked back to the bed, leaned in close to my face and whispered, “I’m going to find you some cock, boy.”

My mouth opened wide, but before I could protest he slipped a ball gag in and tied it around my head. My muffled cries fell on deaf ears. “Hey!” he called over me and he grabbed my face. This quickly silenced me. “Stop it! Remember, this weekend you are my bitch and total slave. I own your ass and I get decide what happens to it. No questions, no fighting, NO CHOICE! Isn’t that right, boy?” I nodded. “You want to make me happy, right boy?” I nodded again. “Good boy. Now relax and I’ll be back with the first guy for my little whore.” With that, he let go of my face and headed out the door.

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