Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bare Back That Hole: Rocco Martinez and JT Gold-BAREBACK

This scene opens with Rocco and JT kissing, necking, and licking one another. The action heats up very quickly as Rocco slides down onto JT’s huge cut cock giving him some great head. JT stands up as Rocco kneels on all fours. With his hips thrust forward and his mammoth cock flopping back and forth JT invites Rocco to service him deep. Rocco’s gaping mouth and throat are only too happy swallow JT’s cock entirely. The action steps into high gear as JT bends Rocco over and slams his huge fat cock into his bare ass. JT grabs his hips and fucks Rocco deep and hard. Rocco screams in delight as he begs for more and more. The action intensifies when JT straddles Rocco from behind and drives his raw dick deep into his willing hole. JT nails his ass with deep pounding thrusts... Rocco yells in delight for more cock harder and deeper. Rocco rolls JT over and rides him in reverse cowboy position. He slides his bare hole on and off of JT’s thick raw pole. The scene reaches its climax when both these guys shoot their wads all over each other. Rocco tastes JT’s cum as he licks his hands and fingers clean. The scene concludes with each of these guys kissing, licking, and tasting one another while covered in their own sweat and juices.
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