Monday, February 28, 2011

Brutal Tops - Session 30

Finally there is an all-male fetish website for ga bottoms! features scenes of relentlessly hardcore gay BDSM where bottoms are sexually used by inventive, controlling, ultra-sadistic and very horny dominant men. 

This site isn't even published in the UK just to protect the anonymity of these guys.

These sadistic Brutal Tops break cock hungry bottoms with vile and degrading sessions in humiliation, initiation and total submission.

Dishing out their sleazy depravity using restraining ropes, chains, chastity, teasing and sensory deprivation these Brutal Tops punch, whip, slap, paddle, fuck and piss over dirty sex pigs until they're begging for mercy.

Their whimpers serve only to drive the fiendish Brutal Tops to even more extreme punishments until they completely break them. Only then can the real abuse and humiliation begin....

Nothing is off limits as the Brutal Tops gob, snot, piss and cum to complete the degradation of these pitiful submissives.

In this scene, new top fire fighter Master Khaled has had a long hard day of work and wants some relief at BrutalTops. He drags a sub into the shower, lowers his fireman’s trousers and shoves his bare ass into the sub’s face to have his sweaty hole serviced. While sitting on his face, Master Terrance enters and immediately has a hardon in his flimsy gym shorts. He unleashes his stiff dick and fucks the sub while Master Khaled rams his dick into the subs mouth. These two muscular dominant gods spitroast the sub until he’s bathed in their cum. Find videos revealing the hardest dominant men in the world at BrutalTops

Let's look at the pix and trailer!

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