Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Butt Machine Boys - Dominic Pacifico

This delightful and wholesome scene comes from our good friends at Butt Machine Boys! The site that's the way ahead of it's time, because we all know that in the future machines are going to come to life and fuck us anyway. Might as well get a preview and some practice. 

I chose this scene because it features Dominic Pacifico, porn star and DJ extraordinaire. Met him one night while he was DJ-ing, before I had ever seen his work, but his name - DJ Pornstar - gave it all away. He was cute and nice, so when I found out his name I decided to look him up - after being floored at discovering his name wasn't "Porn Star." So, the scene starts out with an interview with him as he stands around in his jock, guess he wears it for every job. Chat, chat, chat, nervous smile and laughter, chat, and begin scene.

He "wakes up" in his little prison cell, 3/4 naked and chained to a wall and paces a minute. Then a voice booms over some speakers. He's told he's there because the voice wants to see him play with the machines. It's pretty fucking creepy if you ask me. This whole thing is like porn meets "Saw". Anyhow, Jigsaw makes Dominic show us his cock, beautiful and thick and stays hard the whole rest of the film; then he has to show us his ass. Then he has to sit on that filthy, disgusting toilet and shove some metal anal beads in his hole. We get an up close and personal view as he pulls them out, which is kind of like watching some sort of weird birth.


Next up, he has to open up wide and take this big, black, beaded dildo. Apparently Dominic must not be a power bottom because he can barely make it over the second bead. I bet Riley could take it all. Well, poor guy does his best and rides it a bit.

Finally, we get to the machines! He really enjoyed this one. He grunts and groans and just takes so much pleasure in Megatron invading his planet ass. He grabs on to something overhead, and takes it like a champ with some great sex faces.

Up above he saw a spider on his shoulder and got scared. No, no that's the joy and pain from the non-stop pumping of a machine. Real people have to stop and take breaks, but not the Energizer Bunny here. It keeps going and going and... Down below, he's tied up and it's time for Optimus Prime, the Grand Poobah of the butt machines, to have his turn. He kind of looks like a roasted pig on a spire. He just need an apple.

He's flipped over and gagged as this thing relentlessly plows away, making his toes curl in all sorts of directions. You know he just can't get enough of this shit and thinking, "I can't believe I'm getting paid for this! I'd fork over my soul for this machine to be at the foot of my bed!" One day soon you'll only have to fork over 16 easy payments of 29.99.

He's eventually allowed to untie himself and Jigsaw wants him to jerk off. He rushes to untie his cock and balls, but has trouble - that's what happens when you rush, Mr. Pacifico. He jerks off as it continues intruding in and out of his hole and he shoots a nice load for us. He tells us in the end interview he shot his load farther than he normally shoots. So did I, Dominic, so. Did. I!  I give this one 4 LOADS.Visit their site for more hot butt pounding from machines.

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