Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Frightened Young Straight Guy Bound, Flogged, and Fucked

Breeder Fuckers Capture Another Straight Lad

Nothing hotter than the fear in the eyes of the straight boy as he's shackled on his knees, wondering what his tormentors will do to him? Will they ever let him go? What do they want from him? Well, boy, the Breeder Fuckers have one think in mind for you - make you their bitch!

First, you're forced to service their cocks. And you better do a good job! This is part of your training. They'll never let you go until you're broken down, crying and begging to be filled with cock. You're mind will be molded and you'll come to depend on them, needing their attention and cum. You're now a fag boy. Part of breaking you down will involve lots of pain; starting with the flogger!

The flogging will help take you're mind off of the clothespins on your nipples. Take it, and know that no amount of begging and crying will make it stop. All you can do is give in to their whims. You're there for the gay master's amusement. Spread those legs wide and take the cock in your boy pussy next. It's a welcome relief from the sting of the whips. Once you give in, you'll see that their nothing like being fucked by your master. Serving him is what you were born to do. Welcome to your new life. Now get on your knees and take that load in your mouth. Swallow it! Then thank the Breeder Fuckers and go cry in your cage.

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