Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Sub Boy Trained as a Urinal

Submitting to a hot dom is all a submissive boy craves. Sometimes the dom will push our limits and bring forth new experiences. Sometimes the pain will be overwhelming. Sometimes being forced is what a sub really wants in order to feel okay about doing the depraved things he so badly wants to do. In times like that, you need a dom who isn't afraid to do that. One who knows exactly what he's doing and how to get inside the mind of his little sub bitch. You need the roughest and toughest. You need Brutal Tops!

James is there to serve Master Shamus. After the naked sub is collared, Master needs to take a piss. James has never served as a urinal before, but it's too fucking bad. He's going to do it, he's going to enjoy it, and he's not going to spill a single drop otherwise he'll face the consequences. 

James opens up and Master starts filling him with hot piss straight from the tap. James can't keep up; he spills it every where and it gets on Shamus's pants. He obviously needs more sub training and a severe punishment.

After the rough beating with a thick leather belt and licking Master's pants and shoes clean, James has hopefully learned his lesson. This new sub's training is far from over. Master Shamus has so much in store for his new cunt bitch on Brutal Tops.

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