Monday, August 12, 2013

The Redz and the Onyx are Back At It

Connor Maguire Flogs and Fucks Jeremy Stevens

The bad boys of Onyx are at it again! The black latex-clad hunks are always bothering those gentle Redz. This time it's hottie Connor Maguire with his hands all over Jeremy Stevens on gay kink site Bound Gods.

Jeremy was all alone in the Redz lair. The rest of his tribe out of town, leaving him to watch over the place. His horniness got the better of him and he brought a trick back with him. He soon comes to find out that his sexy friend isn't just there for some hot bondage action and making out. The Onyx like pain and torture. After having his uniform removed, Connor forces him to suck dick and dolls out a harsh flogging after rough fucking that great ass.

Connor laughs as Jeremy cries out in pain. The Redz aren't used to that sort of abuse. Next, Jeremy is tied to the ground and is treated to some electro. Connor puts on a gas mask and sexy bull-dog type harness that goes around his chest and down his sides into a black jockstrap. He inserts an electro butt plug into Jeremy's ass and strokes the boys cock.

After a final fuck with the boy tied up, Jeremy gets his cock milked and lets loose all over himself. Connor sprays his own seed over Jeremy's face and leaves the Redz lair satisfied and smug over another victory. Jeremy may have learned his lesson. Or will he seek out another hot session of use and abuse on Bound Gods?

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