Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leather Daddies Raw Sling Fuck

Brent Chaps and Kyle Savage Bareback

Brent Chaps is a hot, dom daddy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to use a boy hard. He knows how to take his power and control any sub. He's aggressive and verbal - a combination any boy can appreciate - especially Kyle Savage who wants daddy Brent to fill his hole on Daddy Raunch.

His gruff, sexy command brings Kyle to his knees where a boy needs to be. It's the position showing subservience and respect for his dom. It's also the best position to worship cock. Brent is pleased at Kyle's attention and hunger for cock, but is soon eager to get at that tight hole. Once in the sling, Brent uses his tongue and fingers to lubricate his boy. 

Brent goes balls deep inside Kyle and fucks him raw. He slams his cock in and they rock the sling. Daddy knows how to make a boys hole feel good. Daddy's gonna breed it good. With Kyle out of the sling and on all fours, Brent plays with his nips as he takes long, deep strokes. He makes Kyle work for the cock and smacks his ass. He lets out a deep, guttural moan as his cum shoots deep into his cum slut. 

After Brent is done dumping his load, he goes in for another taste of Kyle's hot ass. He orders the cum dump to push out and promptly laps it up. The daddies share a deep kiss as the cum swaps between the two mouths on Daddy Raunch.

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